By completing a purchase on our web shop, you as a customer are entering an agreement with Gecko Innovation LTD, operating as Crutchgecko, in Ontario, Canada. 

Entering this agreement creates certain obligations from us to you.  

It also means you hereby accept the following conditions.

Please read these conditions carefully, to avoid any problems with your order, as there may be certain restrictions.

Satisfaction Guarantee 

Crutchgecko is dedicated to your satisfaction and will do everything we can to make your dealings with us as pleasant as possible. 

We guarantee your satisfaction with our product and will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. 

We have a very generous return policy as we stand behind our product and regret any problems you may have encountered. Scroll down to Return Policy: 1-year Satisfaction Guarantee to learn more!


Orders are binding and you as a customer are obligated to pay for your orders. 


Prices indicated at time of purchase, are those which apply. Prices always include taxes and Shipping Costs, if not otherwise specified.

Reduced prices

Reduced prices are valid while products are in stock, if not specified otherwise.

Storing of personal information

You agree to the handing of your personal information by Crutchgecko according to our integrity policy, which can be summarised as follows: 

The personal information you provide is used to process your purchase. It may be kept to inform you of product recalls. The information may also be used for marketing purposes, for example surveys and promotions. We will not divulge or sell your personal information. 

We are not an aggressive marketing business. For example, the frequency of our emails to you will be on the order of months or years apart. 

You have the right to opt out of future communication:

A request to stop advertising can be made in writing to Crutchgecko via the contact form or by sending an email to us at with the subject “unsubscribe”.


We deliver within USA, Canada, UK and Sweden.  Contact us for delivery outside these countries.

Shipping Costs

Prices include Shipping Costs and taxes, however we distinguish these prices in case of returns/disputes. Shipping Costs vary depending on the county being shipped to, and the exchange rate at the time. Prices are based in US$ and converted at the time of purchase to your chosen currency. 

  • Sweden $6, 
  • Canada $15, 
  • USA $12, 
  • UK $13

Your goods are usually sent by post and they usually arrive directly in your mailbox. If the package is considered bulky, it may be held at your local post office’s delivery point and you will then receive a notice to collect it.

Larger packages may be sent with either DHL or UPS and arrive either to your door or to a delivery point near you.

Delivery time

Provided that your order only contains goods that are in stock, you should receive them in 1-2 weeks depending on where you live. When you place your order, you will see in the store if the product is in stock with us.


For the purposes of international shipping, Crutchgecko is classified as a health related device and should be duty-free. 


At Crutchgecko, you can choose to pay with:

– Debit or credit card via PayPal

– Debit, credit or monthly installments via Klarna (Swedish currency only).

Credit Card Fee

There is no fee for using a credit card with us.

Crutchgecko accepts payment with VISA or Mastercard. Our payment exchanges Paypal and Klarna handle all your credit card information and they meet the requirements for PCI DSS.

We also use secure technologies from VISA and Mastercard to guarantee our customers’ safety. Payment is always made in a secure encrypted connection (SSL standard), which guarantees that your credit card and account information can not be seen by unauthorized persons on the internet. We also use Klarna’s own anti-fraud system, which means that both we and the customer can feel safe. 

We do not know, nor store your card details either (which is why you must re-enter your credit card details for each purchase.)

Receipt / Order Confirmation

The email confirmation you receive when you place your order is valid as a receipt. If you want a paper receipt, we ask you to send us an email and we will arrange this for you.

If you have not received an order confirmation within 30 minutes, please check your spam folder. If you still don’t see it, you may have misspelt your email address. Email us and we will send you the confirmation within 1 business day.

Guarantee / Warranty

Crutchgecko complies with the Consumer Purchase Act (or equivalent) of all countries that we ship to (Sweden, Canada, USA, UK) and provides at least a one-year guarantee on all products according to local laws.

In most countries, you should turn first to your place of purchase, and only after a denied claim their should you contact us at

We reserve the right to refund, reimburse, replace or repair at our discretion, local laws permitting.

This warranty does not apply to:

-Accidental damage after you have received the item.

-Neglect, such as allowing the product to be exposed to excess rain, corrosive solutions, salt, heat, etc

-Abnormally intense use of the product.

-If you have not followed the care and service instructions.

-repetative or excessive dropping on the ground/floor.

According to the (various local) Consumer Purchase Act, you may be allowed to report manufacturing defects on a product up to three years after purchase, with various restrictions and or obligations.

Wear and Tear

Although designed to last for several years, some functions of this product may, over time degrade in performance due to “wear and tear”.

While we cannot guarantee that all functions will continue to perform as well as when the product was newly purchased, please contact us with your experiences and we will work hard to remedy your situation on a case-by-case basis.

Return Policy

There are several situations which can arrise. These are:

  • Cancellation of Orders
  • Unclaimed Shipments
  • Goods Damaged in Transport
  • Open Purchase 
  • Exchanges
  • Defective parts etc.
  • Dissatisfied with purchase

Cancellation of orders

We regret that, due to the automated nature of our order processing it may not always be possible to process cancellation requests. If you email us at with the subject “cancel order” within a few hours of your purchase, there is a good chance that the order can still be cancelled.

If the order has already been processed, you may still use your open purchase rights and return the package after you have recieved/claimed it.

Unclaimed shipments

Orders that are delivered and not picked up within 14 days may be returned to us at your expense. It is up to you as a customer to enter a valid and correct delivery address, and track your purchase with the tracking number provided.

In the case of packages that have not been claimed and which are returned to us, we reserve the right to charge a fee to cover our own administrative costs, shipping and return shipping expenses.

The remaining balance, if any, will be reimbursed as soon as possible.

For example:

Suppose you paid a total of $45 for a crutchgecko, including shipping to USA, but you did not claim your product in time and it was sent back to us. You would be reimbursed approximately:

$45 – $12 = $33

– You have 3 months from the date of purchase to claim this amount by writing to us at: with the subject line “unclaimed shipment”

Goods damaged in transport

When you receive the product, always check that the packaging is complete. If the damage is visible on the outside, you should complain about the goods to the shipper before you receive the shipment.

If you are unsuccesful in claiming any compensation from the shipper/postal service/courier etc. contact us at with the subject “defective/damaged goods” and we can see about offering a replacement part(s) on a case-by-case basis.

Open Purchase

In addition to other scenarios described below, you always have a full right of return if you inform us within 14 days of receiving your goods, even if the packaging has been opened. 

However, the product must be returned (at your expense) in good condition, if this is not done, you may be charged for any depreciation or refurbishment expenses.

As soon as we have received your wish to return and we have received the item back, we will refund your money including taxes and Shipping Costs as soon as possible.

If you have exceeded this time limit, get in touch with us and we will of course try help with your questions or make an exception on a case-by-case basis.

When you return a product, check with us to see if another address is available for European returns. 

In North America:

12 Cullen Dr.

St Catharines, ON

L2T 3H1

email us at with the subject “open purchase” to let us know your return is on its way.

You stand for the cost of shipping back to us.

Your name and address must be included in your return.

If applicable, use the packing slip you received in the delivery where you can easily fill in this information and send it in the return.

Please state why you want to return the item.

Please note that uncollected items do NOT count as returns or canceled purchases – you must always pick up an ordered package, then it is possible to return it.


Unfortunately, we do not allow exchanges.  The easiest way is to return your goods and place a new order in our online store.

Defective/Damaged Parts Warranty

If any item seems defective in any way when you open the package, you must make a complaint to us immediately, after which we will reimburse you in an appropriate manner, either through a new equivalent item, replacement of the defective part, or money back.

In the event of a defect, contact us via email and state “defect” in the subject line and we will help you with your complaint.

Do not send goods before you have been in contact with us and been told what steps to follow.

We may (or may not) ask you to return the defective parts, for example.

Please do not damage the goods in an attempt to claim a refund. The refund for defective parts is typically reserved for manufacturering defects, not typically for transport damages, etc. If you are unhappy about your purchase because it did not meet your expectations, or feel you have been mislead, for example, it is best to talk with us. We are reasonable people!

NOTE: For directly visible transport damage to your shipment, see the section on “Damaged in Transport” above.

In Sweden, The Consumer Purchase Act / ARN gives you the right to complain about a defective product within 2-3 years. But do not wait to point out the defect, do it at once. In the event of unresolved disputes, we recommend that you contact the General Complaints Board. We always follow their advice. In case of disputes, you can also contact the EU dispute resolution page and get help there:

1-year Satisfaction Guarantee

So far our policies seem pretty standard. But here’s the interesting part.

If, after using Crutchgecko for 1 full year, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase for any reason: Contact us, by email, with the subject “Satisfaction Guarantee”. We’ll ask you to fill in a brief questionnaire and we will refund your purchase incuding taxes and shipping costs. Proof of purchase is preferred, mainly to establish the date of purchase.

There is however a time limit of 1 year + 3 months from time of purchase to use this guarantee.

Miscellaneous disclaimers

While stocks last. 

We reserve the right to misprints and errors.

All goods remain our property until full payment has been made. 

All attempted fraud is reported to the police.

We reserve us the right to decline orders.