For now, crutchgecko is an accessory to the crutches you provide. Perhaps in the future we will integrate crutchgecko into our own brand of crutches.

Assembly and mouting takes about 45 min. Tools are provided for installing the magnets and fastening the screws

Each “hook pair” can pull with about 3 kg. Two crutches attached with one crutchgecko product (4 hooks in total) is therefore attached with about 6 kg of force, when pulling directly apart.

Separating the crutches is difficult to do by accident, however if you intend to separate your crutches, simply twist the handles of your crutches towards or away from another and the magnetic force will reduce drastically allowing you to pull apart your crutches with ease.

Crutchgecko fits nearly any crutch with shaft diameters ranging from 11/16″ to 1 inch (16 mm to 25.4 mm).

Unfortunately, the convenience of crutchgecko is so addictive that you will likely not tolerate going back to clumsy crutches ever again!

Yes, you can now buy crutchgecko in any colour you like, as long as that colour is turquoise :)

In Europe at least, no. Crutchgecko does not fit the description of a medical device (as it is not technically a mobility aid, nor does it direcly enable your crutches to fulfil their primary purpose) and therefore bears no CE mark. This makes it impossible for most practitioners to prescribe crutchgecko directly. Doctors may however take it upon themselves to affix crutchgecko to your crutches and CE mark the finished assembly themselves, but this may require additional paperwork which they may be unable or unwilling to fill out.

For now we are active only in Sweden, Canada US & UK. As there may be additional shipping, import taxes (duty) and administration fees involved to ship to other countries. Our instructions are only in Swedish and English for now.