The challenges of using crutches

Crutches are a standard solution for people with lower limb injuries or conditions, but using crutches can also come with its own set of challenges. From discomfort and pain to mobility limitations, crutch use can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience.  Physical Discomfort Prolonged use of crutches can lead to physical discomfort and pain in [...]

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What to put on crutches for comfort?

Crutches are an effective mobility aid for individuals who have suffered injuries to their lower extremities or have conditions that limit their ability to walk. They offer stability and support, lessening the strain on the afflicted limb. This lowers the chance of subsequent injury by enabling the person to move around more comfortably and easily. [...]

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Tips for staying safe on crutches

Learning the right way to use crutches is not child’s play. Though certain types are easier to master than others, precaution and safety should be your priority while using any type of crutches. From the condition of your crutches to the very surface you walk on, various factors can make or ‘break’ your health, quite [...]

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